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Liquid milk and its derivatives throughout Europe.

For further information on the sale of Fayrefield Liquids business please contact either Hester Morgan-Parker or Tim Robinson on 01270 589311

Fayrefield Liquids is part of the Fayrefield group. Its purpose is to trade in liquid milk and its derivatives throughout Europe. This involves servicing customers with their requirements for bulk liquid milk and bulk cream. Products include whole milk, skimmed milk, skim concentrate, and cream. The business is also building a portfolio of specialist milk products.

The business tailors supply to individual customers offering medium and long term contracts as well as spot trades allowing creameries and food production plants to balance their requirements. The team at Fayrefield liquids has a great deal of experience in the milk manufacture process and food production sector. They use their experience in logistics and milk planning to be as cost effective as possible allowing them to be competitive within the market place.

Fayrefield Liquids adhere to strict quality assurance standards which guarantees all customers full trace-ability and due diligence, together with a robust crisis management system.

All Fayrefield Liquids producers adhere to the Assured Dairy Farms standards. This allows all milk supplied by these farms to bare the red tractor logo giving customers and retailers reassurance that certain standards are being achieved. This provides confidence about the production methods and the safety and quality of milk leaving the farm premises. Our aim is to provide our producers with a professional and supportive relationship, whilst encouraging them to develop and progress their business strategies.

For any queries about our products or farm recruitment please do not hesitate to contact us via our contacts page.